Q. I already have a full-time job can I start part time?

A. Many of the people that join the business work it on a part time basis. It is up yo you to choose the hours you want to work.

Q. How do I make money?

A. You make 20 – 35% commission on every product that is ordered from you, (this is the minimum you earn)

Q. What if I don’t get any orders?

A. We always get an average return per brochure and with online, people are always looking for our products. We have a very successful selling system that teaches you how to get more orders. This is a proven system works so well we have some of the leading trainers in the industry as part of our team.


Q. There is another distributor in my area can I still do the business?

A. Yes, there are no set areas in the business, you are free to work where you want. This also goes for online as well as working offline, we have little restrictions. You can promote your business using Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Shpock, Twitter etc… We find that distributors establish a customer base of their own.

Q. How much money can I really make?

A. Your income will be in direct proportion to your efforts. £300+ (€337) + per week are common part time, £700 (€786) + per week full time and if you decide to team build the earnings are unlimited.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Simply contact the person who sent you the information, they will then send you a link where you will be able to register online.

Q. I don’t know much about business what training and support will I get?

A. We will give you all the support and training that you will ever need, we are always on hand to help you. It is very important you join the right sponsor and team. This helps you get off to a great start and earning money straight away.

Our team leads the way with online and have a fantastic team system #TheSocialSellingSystem and we have a brochure system that has been in place for over 30 years. Our system works well helping you earn money in those early days as well as helping you build an income in the long term.

Q. It seems too good to be true so what is the catch?

A. The only catch to this business is that it involves some work. Our system is simple and easy to do but it does mean setting aside an hour a week to follow our simple tutorials and to speak with your sponsor on a regular basis.

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