Thank you for requesting information on the company I am partnered with. The company is “Essens” and we sell a wide range of products, perfumes, aftershaves, giftsets, makeup, skincare, wellness products, aloe Vera, essential oils, CBD products ect.. and we also have a travel company. You can register for “FREE” to just simply shop at discounted prices, or you can sell the products for profits of 40% profit and additional commissions and team build. The choice is absolutely your’s. “An example of profit”, “Buy a bottle of perfume for €14.30 and sell for €21.50” Please feel free to view my E-shop and our PRODUCTS HERE.


Or if you like what you see, you can proceed to Free registration to shop at discounted prices, or to join to business build. FREE SIGN UP LINK or just to buy at discounted prices.


I’d be happy to send you on our perfume list so you see what types of perfumes our Essens perfumes compare to. Just ask! For any further information or questions, you can contact me on

Ph: 0872850228
Email: mhession5@hotmail.com


We would be delighted to have you aboard, either as a discounted customer or as a team member, and you’ll get all the help and support required either way. Kind regards

– Mary Hession

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